General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Last update May 24th 2018


1.1. SCOPE

In the scope of the available website, including every drill, (, Coach-Helper.Com (based at Estrada Regional 237, 106B, Bemposta, Água de Pena, 9200-224 Machico, Madeira, Portugal) might request the personal data of every user, such as personal information provided where might recognise and/or get in touch with you (“Personal Data”). In general, as soon as you provide the Personal Data, are immediately signed up, might subscribe a particular service and acquire a product or hold a contractual relationship with COACH-HELPER.COM.

All the personal data collected and processed is about:

  • user data (name, birthdate, telephone, address, email);
  • authentication information (username and password);
  • account information, such as the purchased products/services;
  • access to the drills/user content (shared by the user) in order to the services editing;
  • information relating to the employment and browsing the Website and associated applications (sessions, access time, accessed pages, purchases/subscriptions), IP address;
  • customer service information, although COACH-HELPER.COM might collect another Personal Data, if it is necessary for the supply of services;

Every Information about the Usability and the Personal Data might be assigned in the current Privacy Policy by “User Data”.


There are two ways of data collection: direct and indirect.

  • Direct Data Collection: COACH-HELPER.COM collects the required data together with you through the Website, face-to-face, telephone and/or email;
  • Indirect Data Collection: COACH-HELPER.COM makes the collection through third parties.


Every personal data might include any information relating to an identifiable natural person, no matter what is its support, and it may include both audio and picture.

Any person is directly or indirectly identified namely by the identification number or to one or more specific factors to his/her physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity.


COACH-HELPER.COM is the managing body for the data collection and processing, providing its service, and therefore decides which data is collected, its facilities to the data processing and also for what purposes are used (wherever it is the context).

In case you wish to discuss the way we work your personal data, do not hesitate to get in touch with our data collector, by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


ERegarding to the principles relating to the personal data processing, COACH-HELPER.COM undertakes to preserve all the User Data, and shall be:

  • processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner compared with the data user;
  • collected for specified, explicit and lawful purposes and not further incompatibly processed to the above-mentioned purposes;
  • proper, relevant and limited to the most important thing, compared to every purpose of being processed;
  • Accurate and update data, if applicable; according to every processing purpose and in order to immediately remove or correct all the inaccurate data, every appropriate measure must be taken into consideration;
  • Preserved data in order to be able to allow the user identification for no longer it is necessary for personal data processed;
  • Data processing in order to ensure its appropriate security, including the protection against an unauthorised or unlawful processing and an accidental loss/destruction/damage, and therefore every appropriate technical or organisational measures must be taken into consideration;

Once you observe, at least, one of the following situations, data processing conducted by COACH-HELPER.COM is legal:

  • You have given your explicit consent to your data processing;
  • It is necessary the data processing to the implementation of a contract or the pre-contractual procedures if the applicant so requests (you are one of the main parts of the implementation of a contract);
  • Since COACH-HELPER.COM may be subjected to implementing a legal obligation, it is necessary to create the data processing to the referred implementation;
  • It is relevant the data processing in order to protect your/any other natural person vital interests;
  • It is necessary the data processing in order to prevent the lawful interest expressed by COACH-HELPER.COM or third parties (unless your interests/fundamental rights, requiring the Personal Data Protection, take a major precedence on it).

COACH-HELPER.COM undertakes to ensure User Data processing under the above-mentioned conditions and principles.

According to your consent, once COACH-HELPER.COM carries out the User Data processing, you (as the user) have the right to withdraw your consent anytime you want. Although you withdraw your consent, does not commit the legality of the processing carried out by COACH-HELPER.COM (according to the previous consent).

In accordance with the purpose for the processed information, there might be a certain of fluctuation of the period of time during every data is stored in.

Actually, there are several legal requirements where every data is necessarily stored in during a certain minimum period of time. Therefore, whenever there is no a specific legal requirement, every data will be only stored during the required minimum period of time all the purposes encouraged its collection and the subsequent processing. Once the former period of time is expired, every data is removed.


Generally, COACH-HELPER.COM collects every User Data for the following purposes:

  • User Registration;
  • Contract Management;
  • Invoicing and recovery;
  • Shipping newsletters management comprising several informations about a few maintenance changes and platform updates, campaigns, surveys opinion or any other information about the requested or ordered products/services by the User;
  • Enable the access to the different Website restricted areas in accordance to the previous defined terms;
  • Ensure the Website meets the needs of the User by developing and publishing all the contents adapted as much possible to the several requests and the User type, as well as the improvement of the research skills and the Website features;
  • When every contract service is enabled, send a message text to the User in order to receive immediately the activation information of every service as soon as possible.

Without your consent, COACH-HELPER.COM is not allowed to share your Data with third parties.

Under the applicable legal terms, COACH-HELPER.COM might report every User Data to different entities, if necessary to the implementation of the contract between COACH-HELPER.COM and you, or to the pre-contractual procedures if you so requests, if necessary to the implementation of a legal requirement subjected by COACH-HELPER.COM, or if it is necessary for the prosecution effect to COACH-HELPER.COM or third parties’ legitimate interests. In case COACH-HELPER.COM reports every User Data to third parties, we will pull out all the reasonable stops in order to the assignee employs all the User Data appropriately reported along with our Privacy Policy.


In order to ensure not only that every User Data is protected but also the complete confidentiality, COACH-HELPER.COM processes all the provided strictly confidential information under security procedures and policies, recurrently updated, and the provided legal terms and conditions.

Depending on the nature, scope, context and purposes of the data processing, as well as the resulting risks from the processing to the User´s rights and freedoms, COACH-HELPER.COM undertakes to employ both the required and appropriate technical and organizational measures to the User Data protection and the implementation of the legal requirements, not only at the defining moment to the processing but also at the moment of its own processing.

In addition, COACH-HELPER.COM undertakes to ensure that, by default, the required data for a specific processing feature is the only data to be processed, and not be available for an unknown number of people without any human-interference.

As a general remark, COACH-HELPER.COM applies the following measures:

  • Regular audits, in order to compare the effectiveness of the established technical and organizational measures;
  • Staff training and awareness-raising involved in every data processing operation;
  • Enabled mechanisms, in order to ensure the permanent confidentiality, availability and resilience over the information systems;
  • Enabled mechanisms, in order to ensure the recovery to the information systems and a timely access to the personal data, in case of a physical/technical incident.


COACH-HELPER.COM does not make available any personal data to the third parties outside the European Union. In case, in the future, any of the above-mentioned reasons allows the current transmission, COACH-HELPER.COM undertakes to ensure it under different legal provisions, in particular regarding to the determination of the suitability of such country (in case of the personal data protection and the applicable requirements to the referred transmissions).


Cookies are small data files sent by a website´s server to your device. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on every subsequent visit, or to another website that recognises it. Can be used for a range of different purposes, such as customizing a website for a particular user, helping to browse a website, improving the user´s website experience, and storing that user´s preferences and login information.

There are different types of cookies. Some cookies, directly from a website´s server, can be stored for a fluctuation of periods of time, and once you close your browser, session cookies are deleted from your computer or mobile device. The remaining cookies, directly from third parties placed on the Website, will remain stored on your computer or mobile device once you return to the Website.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies. In order to not accept or receive a notification wherever a cookie is created, you are able to change the settings of your browser.

Receive more information about cookies, including how to use the cookies created in your device and how to manage or remove it by using different types of browsers, at

You are also able to enable or delete cookies in your browser. Therefore, follow every instruction in your browser (“Help”, “Tools” or “Edit”). Once you delete a cookie, or several cookies, that cookie is not deleted from your browser, but you need to manually enforce the payment.




7.1. Informations that COACH-HELPER.COM provides YOU (when all the data is directly collected to YOU):

  • Both the identity and the contacts from COALCH-HELPER.COM, data collector, and the attorney, if applicable;
  • Processing purposes whom the personal data aim to, as well as the processing legal basis, if applicable;
  • If the data processing is based on the COACH-HELPER.COM´s/a third party´s legitimate interests;
  • All the recipients, or several recipient personal data, if applicable;
  • If applicable, indicating that the personal data will be transmitted to a third country or an organisational country, and whether or not there might be an adequacy decision adopted by the Commission or the reference to the appropriate transfer guarantees;
  • Time limit for storage of the personal data;
  • The right to request the access to the personal data to COACH-HELPER.COM, as well as the right to rectifications, the right to erasure personal data (“the right to be forgotten”), the right to object and the right to data portability;
  • In case the data processing is based on your consent, and in order not to compromise the executed lawful processing according to the previous given consent, you have the right to withdraw anytime you want;
  • The right to lodge a complaint along with the National Data Protection Commission or any other controlling authority;
  • Indication whether or not the personal data communication represents a legal / contractual obligation, or a required specification to conclude a contract, as well as whether the holder is obliged to provide all the personal data and the possible consequences of a not provision of those data;
  • If applicable, the presence of the automated decisions, including the profiling and the informations relating to the underlying logic, as well as how relevant is the holder data processing and also its consequences;
  • In case any User Data is directly collected by COACH-HELPER.COM, and in addition to the above-mentioned informations, YOU are additionally informed about the several personal data object to the processing and as well as about the data source and the sources available to the public, if necessary;
  • In case COACH-HELPER.COM does not undertake to a subsequent User Data processing to a different purpose for the data collection, will provide that information to YOU and as well as any other relevant information before that processing, under the terms referred to above.

7.2. Implemented procedures and policies in order to comply with the right to be informed.

As a result of COACH-HELPER.COM has previous provided the personal data processing, provides also in writing all the above-mentioned information to YOU (including electronic media). In accordance with the applicable law, COACH-HELPER.COM is under any obligation to provide any above-mentioned information whenever YOU are aware of it.

Every information provided by COACH-HELPER.COM is free of charge.


COACH-HELPER.COM ensures every method to enable the access to the Personal Data by YOU.

Once COACH-HELPER.COM retains all the personal data, YOU have the right to get the confirmation whether or not every data is a processing object, and if so, gets also the right of access to the personal data as well as to the following informations:

  • The reason to the data processing;
  • The several personal data;
  • All the recipients, or the different categories of recipients, to whom every personal data have been/will be published, especially all the recipients based in the third countries or members of the international organisations;
  • Time limit for storage of the personal data;
  • The right to request the access to the personal data to COACH-HELPER.COM, as well as the right to rectifications, the right to erasure personal data (“the right to be forgotten”), the right to object and the right to data portability;
  • The right to lodge a complaint along with the National Data Protection Commission or any other controlling authority;
  • In case any User Data is no directly collected by COACH-HELPER.COM, YOU are additionally informed about every available information regarding to the data source;
  • The presence of the automated decisions, including the profiling and the informations relating to the underlying logic, as well as how relevant is the holder data processing and also its consequences;
  • Right to be informed about all the appropriate warranties combined with the data transfer to the third parties or international organisations;
  • Upon request, COACH-HELPER.COM will provide a free of charge copy of the (being processed) User Data.


You have the right to request the rectification of your personal data anytime you want, as well as the right to fill in your uncompleted data through an additional declaration.

In case your data need to be rectified, COACH-HELPER.COM reports to every recipient to whom all the data had been communicated to the associated rectification, unless it is an impossible communication or an unreasonable hard work to COACH-HELPER.COM.


YOU shall have the right to obtain, from COACH-HELPER.COM, the erasure of personal data whenever of the following reasons is applied:

  • User Data are no longer necessary regarding to the purposes for which were collected or processed;
  • YOU withdraw your consent on which the data processing is based, and there is no another legal basis for the above-mentioned processing;
  • YOU object to the data processing under the right to object, and there is no a leading legitimate interest for the processing;
  • In case User Data have been unlawfully processed;
  • In case User Data have been erased to the implementation of a legal obligation to which COACH-HELPER.COM is subjected to;

Under the legal terms, COACH-HELPER.COM does not have a legal obligation to erasure the User Data in so far as the processing is relevant to conclude a contract (a data holder is part of it), or to the implementation of a legal obligation subjected by COACH-HELPER.COM or for a COACH-HELPER.COM´s right declaration/exercise/defence in a legal proceeding.

Once COACH-HELPER.COM makes public the User Data and is obligated to delete it under the right to erasure, undertakes to ensure the reasonable measures (including technical nature), and takes into consideration the available technology and also every cost to the application. Therefore is able to inform every permanent personal data processing required by YOU in order to erasure every connection to the personal data, as well as every copy.


YOU shall have the right to obtain, from COACH-HELPER.COM, the restriction of data processing whenever one of the following situations is applied (in order to restrict your future processing, the restriction is based on introducing a brand on the stored personal data):

  • The accuracy of the personal data is contested by YOU, for a period enabling COACH-HELPER.COM to review the referred accuracy;
  • The data processing is unlawful and YOU are objected to the erasure of the personal data and request the referred restriction instead;
  • COACH-HELPER.COM no longer needs the personal data for the purposes of the data processing, but are required by YOU for a COACH-HELPER.COM´s declaration/exercise/defence in a legal proceeding;
  • In case of your object to the data processing, unless you will verify a permanent reasonable cause over YOUR causes.

Unless being stored, only every User Data is an object to the restriction, and therefore can be processed with YOUR consent, or for a COACH-HELPER.COM´s right declaration/exercise/defence in a legal proceeding, or another natural/legal person´s rights of defence, or for reasons relating to the lawfully prescribed public interests.

Before being withdrawing the restriction to the data processing, YOU, obtaining the restriction to the data processing in the above-mentioned cases, will be informed by COACH-HELPER.COM.

In case of a restriction to the data processing, COACH-HELPER.COM reports it to every recipient (to whom every data had been transmitted), unless it is an impossible communication or an unreasonable hard work for COACH-HELPER.COM.


YOU shall have the right to receive all the related personal data, and having been provided to COACH-HELPER.COM, in a structured, common use and machine-readable format, as well as the right to transmit the referred data to another data controller, as long as:

  • The data processing is based on YOUR consent or on a contract related to YOU


  • The data processing is executed through the automated means.

The right to data portability does not include inferred or derived data, (i.e. personal data resulted by COACH-HELPER.COM as a consequence or a result to analyse every data object to the processing), but only the personal data assigned by the data holder.

YOU have the right to directly transmit all the personal data between every data collector, as soon as technically possible.


For reasons relating to a particular situation, YOU shall have the right to object to the concerned personal data processing based on the exercise of the continuous legitimate interests by COACH-HELPER.COM, or once the data processing is executed for different purposes to the personal data collection at any time, including the profiling, or once the personal data is collected for statistical purposes.

COACH-HELPER.COM shall no longer executes the personal data processing, unless demonstrates overriding and legitimate reasons to the data processing controlling YOUR interests/rights/freedoms, or for a COACH-HELPER.COM´s right declaration/exercise/defence in a legal proceeding.

Once personal Data is processed for marketing, YOU shall have the right to object to the concerned personal data processing for the referred marketing anytime you want. Therefore the referred situation might include the profiling insofar as it is related to the direct marketing. In case YOU object to your personal data processing for a direct marketing, COACH-HELPER.COM shall no longer be processed for the referred purposes.

Furthermore, YOU have the right to not be subjected to any exclusive decision-making according to the automated data processing (the profiling), and therefore might have several effects on the judicial sphere or might significantly affect in a similar way, unless:

  • It is necessary to conclude a contract between COACH-HELPER.COM and YOU;
  • It is authorized by the national law whom COACH-HELPER.COM is subjected to;
  • It is based on YOUR explicit authorisation.


YOU might exercise the right to access, the right to rectifications, the right to erasure, the right to restriction, the right to the data portability and the right to object through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

By your request, within a period of one month, COACH-HELPER.COM will respond it in writing (i.e. electronic media), except in particularly complex cases where the period of time might be extended up to two months.

If all YOUR submitted requests are prominently baseless or excessive (especially because of the continuous nature), COACH-HELPER.COM has the right to impose several administrative costs or refuse to continue the request.


In case of a data breach or the referred data breach is likely to involve a high-risk to YOUR rights and freedoms, COACH-HELPER.COM undertakes to report to YOU within 72 hours (following the knowledge of the event).

Under the legal terms, YOUR communication is not required in the following cases:

  • COACH-HELPER.COM has applied several reasonable protection measures (technical or organisational) and have been applied to the personal data affected by the data breach, especially measures making the personal data into incomprehensible to anyone unauthorized to access it, such as the encryption.
  • COACH-HELPER.COM has adopted several immediate measures, ensuring the high-risk to realise the hardest susceptibility to YOUR rights and freedoms;
  • The communication to YOU involves a hard work for COACH-HELPER.COM. Therefore, COACH-HELPER.COM will make a public communication or adopt a similar measure whom will be informed.



COACH.HELPER.COM has the right to amend the current Privacy Policy at any time. In case of any amendment, the latest amendment available on the page header shall be also updated. But if it is a substantial amendment, the Website will preview a notification.


The current Privacy Policy, as well as the data collection, the data processing or the data transfer, is governed by all the provisions included in the EU Regulation 2016/679, the European Parliament and the European Council on April 27th 2016, and all the Portuguese applicable laws and regulations.

Any lawsuit, resulted by the validity, the interpretation or the enforcement of the Privacy Policy, or any lawsuit related to the data collection, data processing or data transfer, must be only subjected to the court jurisdiction under any applicable compulsory precept.

In case of any disagreement among the different translations of the Coach-Helper.Com´s Liability Agreement, the Portuguese version must be considered as the original.


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